About us
必威體育 蘋果_必威體育網址_必威中文官網., stick in furniture industry for more than 10 years, in order to achieve the ideal independent home brand, and insert humanistic art into people’slife, adhere to "not only furniture suppliers and consumers home consultants, but also  the creator of personality lifestyle. "As per its sensitivity to contemporary popularity, it integrates many excellent workmanship techniques, infuses new ideas into products, releases the soul of freedom, and brings the art of soft carving into life." The constant creation of bright spots leads to a new paradigm of fashion and the realization of everyone's different dreams about home. The humanistic concept accumulated in the furniture industry for many years,必威體育 蘋果_必威體育網址_必威中文官網. is one of the omni-directional operating institutions, has an international marketing team and creative center, from the brand planning, design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing etc.
COSIMO brand abandoned the development which is handled by a designer approach only in the innovation process but established a design centre which combined design, development, production, publication and other functions into one. In this way, it can make good use of the cradle of creativity and create more possibilities and supporting programs for the family products through the mutual communication and interaction between design groups and engineers. So as to meet the different areas of customer demands, create a diverse and flexible home, commercial space atmosphere.
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